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I love everything to do with what goes on your plate, the nutritional benefits, the beauty in putting things together and the wonderful taste combinations!


The thing that I am most proud of and that sets what we do apart, is that I bake all of our cakes and breads right here in The Graze and Garnish Kitchen. If you’re lucky, your scones will still be warm fresh from the oven! I’ll never get bored of making my products from scratch, it brings me so much joy and the difference is incredible.


Hi and welcome to The Graze and Garnish Kitchen! I have spent years in the hospitality industry, running a café and training as a Barista until everything changed in 2020! What started as a little side hustle has developed into a fantastic, growing business and I am absolutely loving bringing people together through creating stunning food that makes memories; something that I have wanted to do for years!


Basically, I am a foodie.


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Sourcing local produce wherever I can means that you receive the freshest and most cared for grazes, packed full of the tastiest ingredients. Most of our fruit and vegetables are brought in from local supplier Nathan Willows whose reputation is second to none and I even grow some of the flowers you’ll find in your graze.


We have severe allergies in our household and so it is really important to me to be as inclusive as possible here, my food hygiene qualifications and allergy training mean that you can guarantee that you won’t find any peanut products anywhere in our grazes.


Everything that comes out of The Graze and Garnish Kitchen is about providing the best, whole heartedly, with no exception, because that’s what memories are made of.

Laura is absolutely amazing at what she creates.
I ordered a graze box for 1 specifically as we wanted it and it was beautiful.
Presentation is second to none.
Dad said the quality was exceptional.
Thank you

If you have any questions I am only too happy to help.


+44  (0) 7946 100 660


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